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Here's a reminder: Once upon a time there were two Italian plumbers named Mario and Luigi. Mario and his sidekick resided in the Mushroom Kingdom, a monarchy ruled by the beautiful Princess Peach. Mario's mission: stop the villain Bowser from his numerous attempts to kidnap the lovely princess. 2013-05-17 · It's the chorus of a song I've got stuck in my head lol. it's from the early 90's i think and it's a woman singing dodo do do do dodo, dodo do do do dodo, dodo do do do dodo dodo just for the chorus and then she says sumthing like 'just be mine' at the end. it's like george michael, take that etc actually it sounds VERY similar to the do do Do Do Dodododo Do Do Do Do Do 2017 Song lyrics.

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The song is real mellow. I feel the vocalist might have had something like an English accent. Browse for Do Do Do Do Dodododo song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Do Do Do Do Dodododo lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Do Do Do Do Dodododo. Related artists: Do as infinity, Do not dream, Aynur doğan, Do, Corrs what can i do, the, The do, Kombajn do zbierania kur po The only bit i remember is "dodododo dododo dododo dododo do do".

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Der der derlader der da da da in like a burp robot sound If Glastonbury Festival went bankrupt, would you go out of your way to save it? There is a 90's song that goes do do dodo do do dododo, what is the name of this song?

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Bild på mig, tagen​  men vill bara dö och slippa allt. längtar till efter 9;an då -fångad av en stormvind.
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Do do do dodododo song

25 feb. 2010 — (sakura sings- come on everyone and shake wat your senpai gav udodododo hehe) ^^ hehe dei-kun! kawaii!

I always hear this song … The only bit i remember is "dodododo dododo dododo dododo do do".
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Browse for 70s Song. Do Do Dodododo Dodos Dododo Instrumental song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed 70s Song.

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Vi hade can't touch this dodododo, do do. Agora eu fiquei dododododo doce. Agora eu fiquei doce Aí veio a herança do meu véio.